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Wine Down Wednesday- Earth Day Pairing

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April 18th, 12 Pacific Time, Iron Horse Winery will be tweeting globally about their wines ‘From Sonoma to New Jersey’ via WineTwits’ Sip and Twit’, and about the Pinot Noir Estate Napa Valley (Green Valley) we most recently paired with food, which by the way is an excellent wine!

Adrienne and I will be posting a video this next week of some Tweets gathering together to taste the wine and discuss its wonderful notes and accolades…

Join Us!

4PM Eastern- Partners In Wine Club will be attending the Iron Horse Tasting at:

The Wine Loft
32 Laird Street
Long Branch, NJ 07740-8100
(732) 222-7770

Hashtag #GreenValley- See you on Twitter

We have paired the Iron Horse Pinot Noir, 07 with a lightly dressed EVO Feta Cheese, olives, and Dolmas, along with an earthy black bean, mixed cheddar, crispy tortillas, and mixed green salads. The bottle of Pinot we opened was a perfect match! So we look forward to tasting more on Sunday!

Cheers and Tweets!

Chef E Stelling,, Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!

Market Monday- Mingle Plates

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Now here’s a little gadget we’re sure every wine savvy, or vinophile tasting geek needs. The ‘Mingle plate‘ aka  cocktail plate. It allows you to keep one hand free while eating and win(e)ing.

This little accessory is ideal for any wine tasting,  but face it, no one wants to spend the extra cash on gadgets these days. However they are worth the money spent! How cool is it to have effortless eating and drinking at a party (like eating  and drinking should be an effort!)

Chef E and her hubby own quite a few of these, and used them back in Dallas when she owned a public wine and food pairing company- The Cork Screws, and are never on a tasting scene with out them. The Dallas Food and Wine Festival back in the day passed them out, before even good wine glasses were chic, so her and hubby are a little surprised not many on the east coast has caught on to ‘Mingle Plates’ at tasting events.

I know these are cool. I’ve seen Chef E and hubby  in action with these little babies. I’ve actually seen Chef E use one of these gadgets at a dinner party with her  iPhone at the some time. Now how cool is that. She was like a Rock Star in action, and didn’t even know it.

Cheers and Tweets!

Adrienne Turner , PIWC

Chef E, PIWC

Alternative ‘Vino Plate Clips’, as well as ‘Mingle Plates’, Cocktail Plates with glass holder can be found in wine retail stores, or on-line- Crate & Barrel

Sunday Calendar- Upcoming Week


Weekly Calendar– PIWC will be posting weekly must haves, tasting notes, events, and happenings at the beginning of each week. Here you will find the hot new wine, food, beer, and spirit news PIWC can bring to our readers. ‘Corky’ is out on the streets doing his best investigative reporting on all subjects!

Sip and Twit Event, The Wine Loft, Long Branch, NJ- Event Details

Market Monday

Do You Feel Lucky? A central Jersey successful business entrepreneur Leila Audibert has a few hints for us!

Tasting Tuesday-

Each week PIWC will feature Guest Writers, and Restaurant Reviews- either industry professionals or fantastic blogs we feel you need to discover!

This week Cooking With Doc, a Cardiologist/Chef and Writer is going to share some ‘Win(e)ing wisdom… Re-posted on Thursday, 3/18- due to technical reasons…

Wine Down Wednesday-

Chef E shares weekly food and wine pairings… 

Thirsty Thursday-

Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!
Wine Enthusiast and writer Adrienne Turner will share bottle notes from her cellar down under…

Frugal Friday-

‘Corky’ will bring you a list of must have bargain wines…

Simply Saturday-

PIWC will present local food, wine, art, and other must attend related events for the upcoming week…

If readers have any questions or information they are seeking about related subject matter, please let us know. We will try to find out, and answer your questions from our own experience, or seek out other professionals we can refer you to!

What Is On Your Stemware/Glass Shelves?

Lately I am so fascinated by advertorial content and the power of suggestion effects on consumers. All the media that flows through our social networking sites like twitter, one can almost believe anything. Especially if a fellow tweet or blog might repeat what they have read over and over. With this in mind studying today’s topic, I keep coming up on other topics I hope to bring to the forefront, and much of it contradicts each other. Making me question so many things about glasses, saving a partially drunk bottle of wine, devices for preserving, proper pairings, and so much more!

This site is prepared to take what we find, hear, share, or personally tried ourselves, bringing it to you- our readers, but we are hoping you will join in on the research. I believe researching things on your own, like making a recipe we see on the internet for ourselves to determine if the proper measurements, or even flavor profile is up to our expectations. My point being that you can expect us to check out every myth, rumor, or even other written articles we find to present, with also the approach that we all may not like what the other has to say. In a fun way!

The beginning of each week look out for Stuff Your Face Sunday, because we will be listing the week’s topics with a snippet of the content, so that readers can come to the table with us, so to speak.

The consumer needs to be ‘more than aware’, they should be self-educated. Do not just take our word for it. Get out your glasses. A few of you may find that a little dust needs to be rinsed off, but get them out! At least one of each style you own. Get out the juice glasses you inherited from aunt so and so, they could be the winner! Chill a bottle and get ready.

We will taste a few wine selections (TBD)  in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, as well as other glasses on our first walk down the ‘Does the Glass Make the Wine’ road, March 10th. I thought it would be fun to bring in some newbies to our PIWC scene and present their thoughts on this topic. I spoke via email with a couple who write about wines they open, and they post tasting notes. They seem to enjoy discussing various wine related concepts on their blog, so I asked them if they would share their views on glasses with readers–

Rob and Carey,

“Does the glass make the difference in your wine tasting experience?If so could you share with us what you prefer”?  Chef E

“Hi Elizabeth, its Rob!

Stemware… for us; it’s Riedel—just the basic vinum collection. While we have a few different styles, the Cabernet/Bordeaux glass gets the most use, regardless of what we are drinking. Some of the glasses are so similar, that it seems a little silly. The Chardonnay and red Zinfandel glasses we have are basically the same. We have a Tempranillo style that I use all the time because it has a smaller, tulip shaped bowl that is great for more subtle wines—it is like a chimney for aromas. Honestly, I would be happy with just two styles, the Cab and the Tempranillo, which I could use for white wine as well.

I care far less about shape than I do about feel. Chunky, thick wine glasses just work terribly with a good wine. Thin crystal allows you more control for sniffing, drinking, and swirling.

We also just got a set of small, Italian-style cafe wine glasses–they look like small juice glasses. They are a complete departure from everything I talked about above, but with certain wines and food they really set a mood–and since they only hold a few ounces you get to fill them up like mad!”

Many wine professionals have written about this topic, and Riedel seem to rule the glass circuit. They are expensive, and as Rob shares, they break easily even with hand washing (another topic PIWC will cover soon) looking into a restaurant quality glass makes better since. Riedel will however be sending their media roughnecks after me with that comment, but come on, glass breaks. If you entertain, spending loads of cash to keep delicate Riedel replenished is, well, not in anyone’s interest in the economy.

Adrienne Turner, my other Partner In Wine and I look forward to your results in two weeks, and remember if we are not all Partners In Wine, then we are not having a good time!

Chef Elizabeth Stelling
Contributer/Owner, Partners In Wine Club
Chef/Owner, LLC