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Market Monday- Cork, ReHarvest & Recycling

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Keeping an eye on Twitter and the Wine Market a message suddenly hit home for many wine consumers- Corks Recycled at Whole Foods.

Green is in and the mounting piles of cork around any home can get to a point of ‘too much is too much’. Overflowing into the floor, and often tossed into the trash, there can always be a thought of possibly using it for wall or table art, but why not recycle them. Nothing wrong with some cork boards, and a few trivets either!

April 6th Cork ReHarvest partnered with Whole Foods to begin a campaign that involves handy boxes in front of the stores, so that the public can drop off the corks and feel good. Wine enthusiast pop open thousands of bottles each year all over the United States, and this puts pressure on the rising demands from the cork forest.

Cork ReHarvest has led the cork recycling movement in North America, helping to collect and recycle some of the 13 billion natural corks that are produced each year. Cork recycling helps to reduce demand placed on cork plantations while maintaining the delicate ecosystem of the Mediterranean forests and helps thousands of producers maintain a sustainable income to support their families.

PIWC will be bringing you more information regarding cork, synthetic cork, and screw tops for wine bottles. The myth that the cork forest are depleted has long been proven wrong, as well as why the other two options are causing more damage than helping. Until then let’s pull together and help Whole Foods and Cork ReHarvest bring into play what has needed to be done years ago.

Chef Elizabeth Stelling,, Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!

Above Cork bark photo provided by JelineCorkGroup, Canada- Fay Stallen