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Market Monday- “Are You Feeling Lucky Today”?

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Luck does not just have to be associated with St. Patrick’s Day, or in relation to gambling.

My husband is a lucky guy anytime he is at home. He has an incredible wife- me, a job he loves, a house, a car, and kids that run our days, but hey that’s expected.

Once he tucks them in bed (the days he does that) and then meets me back in the family room, we usually end up sharing a flick (one of those movies packed full of action and emotion, to remember all of your days), and still we both almost fall asleep.
This step-by-step every day routine does not make us happy every night, for sure. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to add some spice!
Well, there’s no way we can avoid tucking our kids in bed; telling the bedtime story, singing a song will be expected, but the next step should be different. Heading for the couch is good but not to watch TV! Tonight, we will share a good bottle of wine, maybe a Pinot Noir, feed each other chocolates, and talk about everything as we take time to relax. First let’s set up the Candles, the Love Spell Soy Candle is my favorite, switch off the lights, and makes everything at a moment’s notice, more intimate. This will help both of us feel more relaxed, and more aware of each other. Now it’s time for some massaging, more relaxing. Nothing naughty but simply using the Vibrating Head Massager to send some shivers throughout the entire body, then the upper back and especially around the neck. You can use the Anti Stress Aroma Therapy Massage oil by simply beginning over the clothing. This will help killing two birds with one stone: your partner will feel much better and closer to you (that’s one) and chances are they will get rid of one layer or two. Once you are pampering your lover’s skin and rolling your palms on their shoulders, your lover is guaranteed to feel definitely better.

My husband may not expect anything special to happen at this point, but chances are he will be starting to lie over the couch and expect a full massage from toe to head. This is where you should step back. Put a very little on your hands, warm up it by strolling your hands against each other, starting from the bottom of their back to the neck. Going up, going sideways, going one side then the other, you can improvise and be receptive for your lover reactions. You should always use the full hands and switch to tip of fingers only and then go back. Pressing not very hard but gently feeling where the nerves are struck. Don’t panic, your partner will ramp up soon. Ask them to roll onto the back and present the face. Here you should be really careful. Start with the legs from feet to knees, then thighs, especially going from inside to the outside. Go to the belly, circles and diagonals are key moving from inside to outside and back. Your lover will be anxious for more.
Now, you are the driver of this lover’s vehicle. You can go for the arms, shoulders and front torso (do not touch the woman’s breast just yet, tease), or you can go from belly to torso, to shoulders and arms. In that sequence insist on the palms and fingers. Take your lover’s hands in your, press them to completely connect. At that point, you will begin true process of ‘feeling lucky’. To put a final point to that, do a full massage from toe to tights, from belly to hand, and on your way back, get closer to them, kiss them on the neck. Tell them how wonderful they are.
I swear, you are going to be lucky today!

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