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Cup Cakes and Wine Pairing

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Reeses Iron Cup Cake #3

Do not always reach for the ‘Dessert’ Wine when you are paring wine with a full course, or even just a light snack to guests that include sweets; it will overwhelm the end, and might ruin the party’s great momentum. Desserts and Dessert wines can leave a bad taste in your mouth, so try a dry or different pairing!

Iron Cup Cake Challenge, South Jersey

What more could you ask for having a cup cake contest in one of the most colorful eateries in Collingswood, New Jersey? Set after a 1950’s diner- serving up the usual burgers, fries, onion rings, malts, grilled cheese and more; it was a perfect setting for one of the hottest buzzes in the blogging community, or actually the world has gone cup cake crazy! Hosted by Katies Kupcakes of Moorestown, New Jersey- she had a vision to turn this popular food into a charity event.

The newest recipient of the challenge was the Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Foundation. In fact, there was a special judge, Miss Kelly Rouba who is a JRA spokesperson/advocate, a journalist, public speaker and young woman with a strong passion to help others who, like herself, have lived with the disease. They raised one thousand dollars on July 7th, 2010 at the Pop Shop.

Unanimously four judges picked the winners and announced to them to the crowd. Cheers rang out for each person as they came to the front to claim their prizes. What a great group of bakers and attendees, I was proud to help be a part of this event as a judge. In all honesty and in the name of fun- there were no losers that night. Each person that took their time to creatively, lovingly bake and decorate each small cake, packed them up, and haul them down to the Pop Shop for charity- screams first place winner!

The only thing missing- WINE! I took a few home and enjoyed a glass…of course I did!

Wine & Cup Cake Winner Pairings

Adult Division:

1st Place-Deanna Gordon (Campfire Pb Smores)

Graham Cracker, Cinnamon and creamy Marshmallow- Sparkling White, Beaujolais, or even a Pinot Noir
2nd Place-Molly Rowland (Molly’s Monsters- was my first pick)
Vanilla, Sweet and Sour candy- Sauternes with the sour, and of course a slightly oaked Chardonnay for the vanilla!
3rd Place-Rich Potosky (Reese’s Cupcakes- the young man who created them explained their size)
Chocolate and Peanut Butter- A big Cabernet would offset the overly sweet, but chocolate flavors, and Bava “Libera” Barbera d’Asti, Piedmont Italy- a Pinot Noir could work, but I would have to say Old World, the new world Barn Yard’iness might not work so well with the peanut butter!

Junior Division:

1st Place-Annabelle Jiaconetti (Mini Me Mint Cupcakes)
Peppermint- Not so sure about this, I would have to say a sweet wine like a Muscato, or a light table white, like Elara from Amalthea Cellars in New Jersey!
2nd Place -Gwen Godisil (Gummi Worm Cupcakes)
Fruity- New World Pinot Noir, like one from Oregon or Russian River Valley region of California!
3rd Place-Kayla West (Cotton Candy Cupcakes)
Now there is a new one, Cotton Candy, just plain sugar- well I would say the Asti from Peidmont, Italy again, or even just a dry wine like a Shiraz/Syrah!

Pairing wine with desserts can be daunting, a sure challenge, but if you find the main component of the flavor profile, then it should make it easier. Dry wines are almost a sure bet with pure sugar, but you will never know until you give it a try!

Monster Madness- How I felt after 31!

See what Dr Vino says about pairing wine with cup cakes…

Cheers and Sweets on this one!

Chef Elizabeth Stelling Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!