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Thirsty Thursday-Time to Drink a Barolo

Finally, it had stopped raining and snowing in New Jersey. The air smelled like spring and we were ready to go out on the town. Our friends and I picked a quaint little restaurant in the area and I proceeded to pontificate about the wine.  What wine should I bring to the restaurant?

It took me about 30 minutes to decide. Question was, what red wine had I not drank in a while? I ran to my wine cellar and looked at the bottles. One was staring in the face-Barolo. Hmmm hadn’t had one in quite some time. Next question: Was the restaurant serving up something Italian? I proceeded to look at the restaurant menu and found an eclectic menu including risotto, duck and steak.  Good to go!

The Barolo: Stefano Farina 2004- For those of you that may not know, it’s made from the Nebbiolo grape grown exclusively from the Piedmont region of Italy.

Barolo can be something of a mystery, explains Eric Asimov from NY Times. It’s something to be understood and pondered. Knowing that a young Barolo needs to breathe I decanted it in my house before bringing it to the restaurant.

The impression: Time to ponder the wine. Somewhat closed upon tasting, though did open up slightly after the evening wore on.  After a couple of hours of breathing ( 1 hour in my house) the wine did show typical plum on the nose. Tannins were round and smooth with a subtle, medium finish. The wine went well with my roast duck, but seemed to go better with my husband’s grilled steak.  Wine Spectator happened to give this little baby a 91 rating!

The take away: At $45/bottle I think this baby needs more bottle time in the cellar. Just a little bit too young for me.  If you decide to buy this Barolo and drink now, be sure to decant and give plenty of breathing space before approaching. Not that it’s a bad wine, it just may not be the best time to drink this wine. Needs a little maturation to fully express itself. Try maybe next year!

Cheers and Tweets! Adrienne , PIWC

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