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Sunday Calendar-

Ah yes, as Adrienne wrote- it seems as if Spring has arrived and I had a beautiful day in NYC to report! The Rainbow Book Fair was wonderful, and I had the chance to eat at an eatery that has been open for a year, but reservations are hard to come by! Momofuku in East Village are more accessible, and the experience was wonderful! The report will be up this week, with a wine pairing, along with other wonderful news! ~ Chef E Stelling


Weekly Calendar– PIWC will be posting weekly must haves, tasting notes, events, and happenings at the beginning of each week. Here you will find the hot new wine, food, beer, and spirit news PIWC can bring to our readers. ‘Corky’ is out on the streets doing his best investigative reporting on all subjects!

Sip and Twit Event, The Wine Loft, Long Branch, NJ- Event Details Are Still Available to read!

Market Monday

What is a ‘Mingle Plate’? …and why should you own one?

Tasting Tuesday-

Each week PIWC will feature Guest Writers, and Restaurant Reviews- either industry professionals or fantastic blogs we feel you need to discover!

This week Food Beer Blog Writer, Chef Fresco is going to share some thoughts on a beer of choice…

Wine Down Wednesday-

Chef E shares weekly food and wine pairings- ‘Momofuk-gasmic’ Momofuku: Noodle Bar & Milkbar

Thirsty Thursday-

Wine Enthusiast and writer Adrienne Turner will share bottle notes from her cellar down under…

Frugal Friday-

‘Corky’ will bring you a list of must have bargain wines…

Simply Saturday-

PIWC will present local food, wine, art, and other must attend related events for the upcoming week…

If readers have any questions or information they are seeking about related subject matter, please let us know. We will try to find out, and answer your questions from our own experience, or seek out other professionals we can refer you to!

Does The Glass Make The Wine? Glass Reviews

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We KNEW when we opened the Ravenscroft stemware boxes they were keepers. Light weight, slim and trim crystal that did not tip over easily when filled or otherwise. The Tinsele strength and yield seemed to be in good order.

Stemware Comparison:

* Ravenscroft Chardonnay- Great bouquet, room to swirl, light crystal, beautiful stemware- Wine: Newton Chardonnay
* Ravenscroft Bordeaux- Good bouquet, room to swirl, light crystal, beautiful stemware- Wine: Pinot Noir

The entire testing crew felt up against the Reidel, they were great- although the-

  • Riedel Vinum Extreme out weighed the Ravenscroft Bordeaux on all accounts, but apples to apples it was not contest.
  • Oregon Pinot Noir stemware were purchased in Oregon, purpose- New World Pinot Noir, no comparison!
  • For a beginner set of wine glasses, or if you do not want to spend the money for more expensive stemware available on the market, we give them a thumbs up!
  • Even compared to the restaurant quality stemware we own for catering and Stemless Riedel glasses we own, and the glasses offered (stemless) at the restaurant- thumbs up! The stemless glasses made the Chardonnay taste like water- no bouquet, mouth feel, or finish was comparable- like water?

You may purchase these glasses soon through our Partners In Wine Club on-line market, but if you would like to purchase a set now for a gift, email:, and I will set you up!

Visit Chef E @ Food ~ Wine ~ Fun! for more information on wines

  • The light weight feel of the Ravenscroft were more appealing to the heaviness/bulkiness of the other glasses
  • Some of those claims seem overstated, even to practiced palates. “It can be overdone,” says Robert Parker, who relies on one glass – the $23 Zinfandel glass in the Vinum line made by Riedel – to taste most reds, whites and even champagnes. Moreover, Parker said some of the fancy glasses, such as balloon-shaped vessels that can hold 37 ounces, are too big.

    “The proper air-to-wine ratio is 3-to-1,” said Parker. Some of those balloon glasses are so big, you have to pour most of a full bottle in the glass to get that ratio, he said.

    We want to hear what glass you find gives you the best tasting wine, because it basically comes down the what tools you use. We feel the biggest price tag does not make it a great experience, but the cheapest glasses may not give you room to swirl, sniff, and optimum tasting room if the bowls are too small- A good mid-range glass like Ravenscroft is worth a try.

    Our final vote on ‘Does The Glass Make The Wine’- Depending on what you are looking for in stemware for yourself or guests, take the test at home. There are differences in the way the wine bouquet leaves the glass as our noses enter the opening, the way the wine lands on our palates, and hits the back of the mouth in the drinking process. This can be an individual taste, but overall many agree if one plans to enjoy wine, then spend a few extra bucks and guzzle in style…yes I said guzzle in style!

    Disclaimer: The glasses were provided as a gift to try through CSN Stores

    Market Monday- Wine Preservation

    We all at one time or another, more often weekly found ourselves wanting to relax and open a bottle of wine. After one, or possibly two glasses and time for bed, or errands, we have a need to re-cork the bottle? So often and after years of seeing our parents doing the same thing, we just push the cork back in as deep as it will go leave it on the counter for the next evening. NO NO NO!

    There are two problems with this- after years of learning that leaving air inside the bottle to continue oxidation, and not properly chilling the contents we are creating vinegar. An off tasting glass of wine in the next few days will be a  put off to most taste buds (imagine offering this to your friends, possibly an enemy!). Returning to the joys of enjoying earths great juice, the gift of Bacchus, should be a good experience.

    Every well stocked bar needs a supply of bottle stoppers and pourers to extend the flavor of life of a good or not so great bottle of wine. There are many options of preserving wine, but our feelings are that if one has only a few ounces left- then why not spread the joy and split the last few ounces. That is unless you have over indulged, and exceeded the legal limits allowed to drive home. Half of a bottle left, or even two thirds then you should do what you can to preserve the luscious juice of the vine for the next day.

    Preserving wine was only intended for a day or so, but we have actually experienced a bottle of Repasso from a recent wine tasting that was still singing to your taste buds seven days later, that of course is rare. Finding the right solution to the problem of preserving wine if you are only wanting to indulge or share in a glass of wine does not have to be as daunting as one might think. Below we list a variety of preservation methods, and in the next few weeks will be sharing information on the history of wine preservation and way into the development of products/gadgets that help make our lives so much easier.

    We have contacted various industry pros and their companies, and will be bringing you wine industry news first hand!

    Options in Wine Preservation:

    • Re-corking the bottle- not a good choice for champagne/sparkling wine due to expansion of the cork from pressure, and sealing in air to continue oxidation
    • Decorative Bottle Stoppers– sold in most wine and regular markets- temporary and only bottle bling
    • Glass top decanter cork stoppers- temporary and designed in the packaging of spirits to keep air particles, moister and debris from spoiling contents; decanters are designed to temporarily hold aged reds for breathing purposes; until the wine is immediately consumed
    • Vacu Vin Wine Saver & Stoppers- removes the air the damages the wine by continuing  the oxidization, thus destroying any remaining wine. Sterile marbles were discovered, by adding them to a half bottle until it reaches the bottle neck, and then using the Vacu Vin to remove any remaining air, and placing in cool storage.
    • Half Bottle Method– This is the lowest tech, maybe even a traditional method. Pour wine into a half bottle, fill near the top, and cork it. (Pouring itself aerates and helps change the wine. Remember always to refrigerate. Cold preserves).
    • Gas- There are a variety of solutions in which gases, such as nitrogen are pumped into the wine to replace harmful oxygen. These work about as well as the methods above, more or less, but cost money and require replenishment of supplies. The consumer models don’t work as well as the big restaurant models.

    Next weeks ‘Market Monday- Wine Preservation’ will discuss ‘History of Wine, and the Development of Wine Preservation’, with additions of our own incites on the subject…

    Quick Facts About Cork

    . natural product
    . unique characteristics
    . unparalleled properties
    . environmentally friendly
    . renewable resource
    . steady supply

    . managed healthy forests …we will be sharing a big concern- ‘Is There A Cork Shortage’?

    Market Monday- “Are You Feeling Lucky Today”?

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    Luck does not just have to be associated with St. Patrick’s Day, or in relation to gambling.

    My husband is a lucky guy anytime he is at home. He has an incredible wife- me, a job he loves, a house, a car, and kids that run our days, but hey that’s expected.

    Once he tucks them in bed (the days he does that) and then meets me back in the family room, we usually end up sharing a flick (one of those movies packed full of action and emotion, to remember all of your days), and still we both almost fall asleep.
    This step-by-step every day routine does not make us happy every night, for sure. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to add some spice!
    Well, there’s no way we can avoid tucking our kids in bed; telling the bedtime story, singing a song will be expected, but the next step should be different. Heading for the couch is good but not to watch TV! Tonight, we will share a good bottle of wine, maybe a Pinot Noir, feed each other chocolates, and talk about everything as we take time to relax. First let’s set up the Candles, the Love Spell Soy Candle is my favorite, switch off the lights, and makes everything at a moment’s notice, more intimate. This will help both of us feel more relaxed, and more aware of each other. Now it’s time for some massaging, more relaxing. Nothing naughty but simply using the Vibrating Head Massager to send some shivers throughout the entire body, then the upper back and especially around the neck. You can use the Anti Stress Aroma Therapy Massage oil by simply beginning over the clothing. This will help killing two birds with one stone: your partner will feel much better and closer to you (that’s one) and chances are they will get rid of one layer or two. Once you are pampering your lover’s skin and rolling your palms on their shoulders, your lover is guaranteed to feel definitely better.

    My husband may not expect anything special to happen at this point, but chances are he will be starting to lie over the couch and expect a full massage from toe to head. This is where you should step back. Put a very little on your hands, warm up it by strolling your hands against each other, starting from the bottom of their back to the neck. Going up, going sideways, going one side then the other, you can improvise and be receptive for your lover reactions. You should always use the full hands and switch to tip of fingers only and then go back. Pressing not very hard but gently feeling where the nerves are struck. Don’t panic, your partner will ramp up soon. Ask them to roll onto the back and present the face. Here you should be really careful. Start with the legs from feet to knees, then thighs, especially going from inside to the outside. Go to the belly, circles and diagonals are key moving from inside to outside and back. Your lover will be anxious for more.
    Now, you are the driver of this lover’s vehicle. You can go for the arms, shoulders and front torso (do not touch the woman’s breast just yet, tease), or you can go from belly to torso, to shoulders and arms. In that sequence insist on the palms and fingers. Take your lover’s hands in your, press them to completely connect. At that point, you will begin true process of ‘feeling lucky’. To put a final point to that, do a full massage from toe to tights, from belly to hand, and on your way back, get closer to them, kiss them on the neck. Tell them how wonderful they are.
    I swear, you are going to be lucky today!

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    Market Monday-

    A good question came up on twitter a few nights ago- “If you are trying to open a bottle of wine and you find yourself frustrated with a cork that will not budge…what the heck do I do”?

    “Buy yourself an Ah-So”, I replied…

    This is how we discovered this interesting designed gadget intended to be the ‘Wow’ of corkscrews. Basically it is challenging and takes practice to use on a regular basis, but so worth it for budging out that snarky cork that comes along now and again. The Ah-so is so worth having, even it it takes up space in the kitchen drawer, but it is so worth it when the need arises!

    The Ah-So two prong cork puller is a must for the collector of older wines. The wineries preferred cork puller. Gently rocks the cork free without damaging it.

    The term Ah So, is a translation from the German saying “Ach So” loosely meaning “Ah, I see”. Aptly named, because from looking at this object you would not think that it would be capable of pulling a cork out of a bottle, and after you figure out how to use it you exclaim “Ah, so that’s what it is for!”

    Another name for the Ah So is the “Butlers Friend”, because butlers who were dishonest could remove the cork without puncturing or damaging it. They would do this in order to take a swig of wine, place the cork back in the bottle and their boss be none the wiser.

    So other than being able to sneak wine if you are a butler, does the Ah So provide any benefits over other cork removal devices?

    What the Ah So specializes in is the removal of corks that are brittle and old that may break apart when the auger of a traditional corkscrew penetrates it. The Ah So works by the two prongs sliding down in between the cork and the bottle, and then by pulling straight up and twisting at the same time, the cork slides right out. Another useful trick this wine opener can help out with is if a cork does break in half, the Ah So can help get that last little piece out versus pushing it down into the wine.