Tell Corky about your favorite wine

Tell Corky about your favorite wines


Corky, PIWC Private Eye At Your Service


‘Corky’- Resident Wine Sleuth- will be your guide for “taking the mystery out of the glass and plate” Corky is looking forward to recruiting new friends to join his wine tasting and food club in New Jersey.

PIWC is looking for fellow winos in trench coats that can help expose the fun in all that is wine and food!

The top five reasons you should join Partners In Wine Club:

  1. Can you think of an easier way to meet new friends who enjoy food and wine as much as you do?
  2. We will answer food- and wine-related questions that you’ve always wanted to ask, but were afraid to!
  3. Imagine all the delicious exotic and ethnic foods you can enjoy—without making a mess in your kitchen, breaking a sweat OR cleaning up afterward?
  4. You’ll be introduced to some very sexy Italians (wines)!
  5. One look at our hip logo and you KNOW we’re going to be a fun-loving group!

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