Spanish Whiskey, D.Y.C.

Someone got the brilliant idea in Spain to develop a Whiskey! Or should I say import over 20 years ago, and then make it their own. A few Spaniards along the way snubbed this unique bottle, because it seems they have been convinced Johnny Walker Blue and other major labels reign supreme. For the most part I might have to agree, as far as high end…but think about it, JW is blended scotch, not whiskey, and there is a difference in the two. Slight differences to be exact, but its all good.

Spain is known for its glorious Rioja and other wine regions. Did you know Spain considers wine ‘Food’? Yes, we were told this, as I held my glass of D.Y.C. whiskey behind my back. I have a deep affection for this liquid gold aged in oak barrels.

Along side a Spanish beer, one might even feel they have entered an Irish twilight zone!

Ummm whiskey on the rocks!

Its history? Lochside Distillery is the origins of this smooth libation. You can read about the Scottish born whiskey, and how it landed in Spain. This only proves that buying one of the four versions of this whiskey is worth bringing home to share with friends. Not to mention a great topic of entertaining conversation.

Aficionado’s, are you still not sure? Try the 8, 12 year old, or the Pure Malt when you visit Espana. You will want to add it to your collection. Why? Because, who ever heard of whiskey made in Spain? Thanks to my keen eye and taste, you might not have ever known.

HINT: Look for it outside of Madrid. Not too pricey if you can find the 8, 12, and Pure Malt, but by the glass in the city- you are being ripped off at $15 a glass at many posh bars. Many Tapa’s bars serve it for a mere $4 or 5 euros, a good bargain, and great with many foods offered, or an after dinner drink!


Chef Elizabeth Stelling

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Eating Weeds
Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!


On The Road Eating and Drinking

Regional Beer of Barcelona, Spain

I cannot stress enough that if one is traveling abroad you must first try regional cuisine and drink. Drink of course includes lots of water if one is walking the city- then have the wine, beer, and any other libations the area consider part of their culture or heritage.

While in Spain and the southern region of France we did just this. If you are not sure what to drink, do not hesitate to ask. We found ourselves in a few eateries that offered beer selections to match the food, and they were all wonderful. My son who is twenty three thoroughly enjoyed this. Sampling beer along the trail was one of the highlights of his trip. Wine of course was ours. Among other things they had to offer was a Segovian made Whiskey- D.Y.C., and in four styles.

Your basic DYC, an 8, 12, and a Pure Malt version. Not to mention it was a very low euro price too. Well, at least outside of the city, and in the small markets. Many hotels charge an arm and a leg for most drinks, so beware. At fifteen euros for a cheap glass of scotch or whiskey, you might find yourself in one of their bread lines, literally (LOL). They offer up plenty of bread at the Tapas Bars, but there is where you will find your bargain food and drink!

Olive You!

More on the D.Y.C. Whiskey later, but for now, my favorite pairing on the trip- Local olives and a great glass of red wine!


Chef Elizabeth Stelling

Cork’d highlights the wines of the Barossa with Langmeil Wines

Australian old vines wine fans should be pleased with tonight’s tasting event. Langmeil Wines will be highlighted at tonight’s Cork’d event where Langmeil Wines from Australia’s famed Barossa Valley will be showcased. Participants will be treated to some gnarly old vines wines where the fruit is rich and concentrated on the palate and nose.

Langmeil Wines family member, James Lindner will be on hand to walk participants through the tasting and answer questions.

Here’s a list of the wines that will be on hand-the line-up:

Event: Roger Smith Hotel, NYC 10/6

7pm tonight

Shiraz or Syrah? More old vines A $35 give-away


Pays Basque Wines of Xareta

Hotel Restaurant Lastiry, Sare/Fr

Most recently a trip was taken by my family to Espaina and the southern region of France- Xareta, which means “Wooded Valley”. We visited one of the villages, Sare (Sara) in the Basque region.

This charming town is part of the winding roadways off the major Autovia, or highway once you cross the French border. There we had two wines of the area with our meal, before setting off to San Sebastian, the other side of the Basque border.

A white and red wine, both AOC Irouleguy- Andere D’Ansa (white, 09) and Gorri D’Ansa (red, 07). Soft and light, but well matched for the regional dishes of seafood (squid and scallops, of which are mostly small) and le boeuf (veal).

A plus in this region and Spain were the offerings of small bottles, and no competitive pricing. Spain has no taxing on alcohol, because the believe that ‘Wine Is Food’, so I suspect France may be the same. Finding a bottle for as little as 1 Euro is not uncommon. Maybe not as good, but easy on the Euros with meals. I would suggest if you are ever near this region, which just above and to the left is Bordeaux- do not pass this experience up.

Our hotel and restaurant are connected- service, food and wine were excellent. If you do not speak French (a bit different in Basque), the hotel receptionist if on duty speaks English, and helped us with the menu since the wait staff had no patience with my son’s Spanish or our unused French from college and about. Spanish is also spoken, but a bit choppy with the French mixed in. I would suggest a Berlitz course, or lessons before you go.

Food- Basque, but French in many ways. Scallop pie, Le Boeuf Kidney Pie, and a beautiful Squid Casserole.

Also, one last suggestion- For breakfast, skip the lobby breads, and head down to the left, around the corner, and down the alley like street to the local bakery- Pan/Pain for some chocolate crescents. The memory of them lingers…some red wine would go well!

The food, wine and scenery is beautiful!


Chef Elizabeth Stelling Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!

HISTORY: Xareta is an association law 1901 of French right dating from September 2004, gathering 4 villages on the two side of the border: Ainhoa, Sare, Urdazubi-Urdax and Zugarramurdi.

The country of Xareta, zone of a few square kilometres, forms a common basin of life on the two side of the border, around the villages Urdazubi-Urdax, Zugarramurdi, Ainhoa and Sare. The territory is located near mountains and sea. Moreover, Xareta has a strong cultural identity, thanks to the bonds of its inhabitants, who exceed the borders.

Sare/Sara, Fr Village View

Spotlight: Albarino from Rias Baxias

Chances are that you have never heard of Albariño. It’s just one of those obscure grapes maybe on the list of wine enthusiasts. The grape is from the up and coming Rias Baixas area of Spain.

Cork’d hosted another wine tasting event at the Roger Smith Hotel in NYC to increase brand awareness to wine consumers.
The Albariño grape was the star of the show, where 5 wines were showcased. Participants were treated to great Albariño  wines representing the Rias Baxias area of Spain as well as factoids relating to the grape varietal.

Albariño is Spain’s most exciting white grape varietal. Rias Baixas is the birthplace of the grape.

Albariño is a white grape varietal and is noted for it’s great acidity and food friendlieness, especially when paired with such seafood treats as ceviche, mussels and empanadas.

The Rias Baixas region of Spain is a white growing grape DO of Spain. 12 grape varietals are grown in the area, but Albariño makes up 90% of the grape growing region. The typical Albariño aroma profile consists of citrus, melon, peach, apricot and other exotic fruits.

Wines showcased:

ADEGA CONDES DE ALBAREI: Pale yellow in the glass. On the nose, loads of tropical fruits, citrus with a medium, juicy finish. Loads of acidity. Bright and refreshing. Pairs well with fresh seafood. 12.5% ABV.

Martín Códax 2009 Rías Baixas Albariño: Pale yellow in the glass. On the nose, apple, pear and peach. Short finish yet clearly refreshing. A great wine to be paried well with seafood and light salads.12.8% ABV.

Palicio de Fefiñanes 2008: Pale yellow.On the nose,lemon and lime. Medium finish with some minerality.

Serra da Estrela; Light yellow. Very aromatic with apricot, peach and lemon-lime. A long vibrant finish showing great acdity.

Pazo San Mauro 2005: pale yellow with a vibrant nose of citrus and stone fruit. On the palate, long lasting acidity with spicy citrus notes.

Cheers! -Adrienne

Great wine & food tasting events in and around NYC #NYCevents

First and foremost: The New York City Wine & Food Festival, Oct 7-10. An exciting line up of over 40 events produced with the Meatpacking District initiative. The Food Network NYC Wine & Food festival is the only area festival in NY to bring you both legendary and up and coming food/culinary icons. 100% of the proceeds will go to benefit the hunger relief organizations of Food Bank for NYC and Share our Strength. This year’s chefs and culinary personalities include Dan Barber, Daniel Boulud, Alton Brown, Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence, Giada De Laurentiis, Masaharu Morimoto, Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart, and Ming Tsai, to name just a few.  Winemakers and cocktail experts including the likes of Alessia Antinori, Anthony Giglio, Ray Isle, Mark Oldman, Andrea Robinson, Josh Wesson and the Tippling Brothers,

Read here for more info &  tix

Ultimate Beverage Challenge Oct. 15 Marriott Marquis, NYC

Ultimate Cocktails, Spirits & Wine Blast excitement in New York!  The biggest, most entertaining spirits, mixed drink and wine consumer tasting event held in New York. A must go to event.

Showcased are  exciting and exotic array of whiskeys, brandies, vodkas, tequilas, rums, gins and more – from major producers to craft distillers – will be poured for sampling, while a bevy of the nation’s foremost bartenders will be mixing cocktails for your delight.

Ultimate Blast will also showcase an international portfolio of wines, champagnes and sparkling wines from world-class producers.

Read here for more info and tix


Hope Family Wines NYC wine tasting event #NYCevents

Wine fans here’s some news: Cork’d will be hosting another wine tasting social media event on September 23 at The Roger Smith Hotel highlighting the wines of The Hope Family. The Hope family is one of the founding fathers of the Paso Robles wine making scene, a relatively unknown wine making area to some yet known for producing great wines. Austin Hope, the winemaker will be present and pouring at the event.

The Treana White 2008 will be one of the many wines showcased at the event as well as the Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cork’d is an online playground for winelovers to review, share and discuss wine and part of the Gary Vaynerchuk network of wine sites.

The last Cork’d event was a great success and this event should be as well. Join social media and wine fans and register for the event here . Come celebrate your passion and tweet with fellow wine lovers on Sept 23.

See you there!

Cheers! -Adrienne