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Pairing Wine with Market Finds

Over the summer Farmer’s Markets and Flea Markets are a great way to find local made goodies to introduce to friends along side a good wine.

We recently discovered a new friend was in the business of making biscotti- many flavors, and interesting combination’s too! As well as some hot sauce, or where I come from in Texas, Chili Paste who’s flavors still ring out in my memory, and I want to spread on even just the simplest piece of cheese.

Being sent a few bottles of wine from a winery in California’s Lodi region, especially a Syrah, Partner’s In Wine felt it was time to take the treats to the table to get others opinion on some pairings.

Earthquake Syrah-

Invited to a gathering and fundraiser, her and I each took a bottle to compare side by side. Both were good meaty and jammy on the taste buds. Syrah is know to pair well with spicy, with its own spicy notes. The chocolate biscotti also was good match, but a surprise was the coffee toffee biscotti that held up to the match.

Syrah is a good bottle to introduce those white zinfandel to white chardonnay drinkers to some good red wine. Drank with good bites like the Saba’s Hot Sauce Spread, and Randi’s Gourmet Food Biscotti will help them quickly decide red is the road to follow. It worked for us!


Chef Elizabeth Stelling Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!

Check out the Hatch Chili Post- Now these would go perfect with my Earthquake Syrah!

Cabernet Day in NYC

Taste some fine Cabs

Yesterday in celebration of Cabernet Day( organized by Rick Bakas  and sponsored by Cork’d)  I decided to go into NYC to taste some fine Cabs @ The Roger Smith Hotel. The line -up included some Bordeaux wines, of course St. Supery, Hahn Estate, Borghese, Porter Family, Stryker,& Jacuzzi (named after the large tub of H2O). The tasting list also showed Titus, but unfortunately the local event organizer could not locate the case of wine, so it was a ” No Show”.

Cabernet Day is a celebration of  social media and wine all rolled into one. And it’s not like I need an excuse to drink good Cab but it’s a great way to meet and tweet with your fellow Cab lovers about your wine impressions.

There were scheduled meetups throughout the country with quite a few of them taking place in the New York/New Jersey area (I’m from New Jersey). The hotel had roughly 40 tweeters all lined up with smart phones and laptops in hand. Me, I had pen & paper in hand and concentrated on bouquet and taste instead of pecking at a miniature keyboard. Call me old-fashioned or cheap.Whatever!

There were even a few Cabernet Francs showcased at the event. Its always easy to forget that grape varietal when most people think Cabernet Sauvignon; I did!

In the end it was The Rodney Strong Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2005 that I enjoyed the most. Actually, this wine was not listed but just happened that someone ” snuck it in”, so I helped myself to a little 2 ounce taste. Glad I did, because it was my own personal show stopper. It kind of took my mind off of the no-show Titus Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

A very interesting event though there were no real show stoppers for me ( except for the rogue Rodney). In the end, I think social media and wine drinking is a great marriage. Who would of thought of such a perfect pair? It’s a match made in heaven with no pencil or paper needed.

And they said “it wouldn’t last”!

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Cheers! -Adrienne

Mollydooker The Boxer 2009; big & fruity

OK, Mollydooker fans here it is: The Boxer 2009 release is upon us. The long awaited vintage is here and let me tell you Shiraz fans, this is one big wine. And as Sarah and Sparky say “2009 was a blessing“.
The husband and wife team from McLaren Vale Australia proclaim to be the best vintage ever.

The Boxer Shiraz 2009 is not for the faint of heart: big fruit, with loads of spice, jam, berries and a slight pepper edge. Smooth tannins that just coat your tongue from beginning to end.
Sarah and Sparky talk about the WOW factor in their wines. “We make wines that make people go WOW”. And it’s the Marquis Fruit Weight (MFW) that Mollydooker has trademarked that makes people go WOW. MFW is the percentage of your palate that is covered by the velvety sensation of fruit, before you experience any of the structural components of the wine.

Mollydooker wines must have at least 65% MFW to be considered for bottling. Those less fortunate little grapes that don’t make the cut, get sold in bulk!

The Boxer 2009 definitely has plenty of WOW from beginning to end. On the nose this wine has spice and pepper. The Boxer is big enough to stand up to a barbeque with some powerful sauce, yet eloquent enough for a great rack of lamb or lamb chop. Personally, I had my Boxer with a rack of lamb Moroccan style and went WOW. The Moroccan spices were a lovely compliment to the wine.


Mollydooker 2009 release and the secret of the WOW

Mollydooker fans and lefties * should be delighted to know that the 2009 Mollydooker line is now available for purchase. As Sarah and Sparky say “ 2009 was a blessing…”. And so it was and 2009 is a grand vintage. The husband and wife team from McLaren Vale Australia proclaim this to be their best vintage ever.

Mollydooker wines are renowned and have received high marks from Wine Advocate as well as being chosen in the Wine Spectator’s Top 100 with their Carnival of Love Shiraz making “top 10” list. Very impressive, indeed!

Part of the appeal and intrigue of Mollydooker is the WOW factor. “We make wines that make people go WOW”. And what makes people go WOW is the Marquis Fruit Weight.
Marquis Fruit Weight (MFW) is Mollydooker’s trademarked term for the percentage of your palate that is covered by the velvety sensation of fruit, before you experience any of the structural components of the wine.

Mollydooker has strict guide lines in order to be considered for bottling. A wine must have a t least 65% Fruit Weight in order to be bottled. The Top of the line Velvet Glove is graded 95%-100 MFW. The Love Series, Carnival of Love and Enchanted Path have 85-90% MFW. And for those less fortunate grapes with less than 65% MRW, these are sold as bulk and rejected from Mollydooker bottling. Nothing wasted!
Stay tuned for the latest WOW on The Boxer 2009, Carnival of Love 2009 and Blue Eyed Boy 2009.

• Mollydooker is an affectionate Aussie term of Left-Handed. Both Sarah and Sparky are both lefties!

STAY TUNED for THE WOW on the 2009 release of The Boxer, Carnival of Love & Blue-eyed Boy

Cheers! –Adrienne

South Jersey Wines & Steak

South Jersey Vines

Jersey Fresh Wine & Food Festival, Heritage Winery, Sat & Sun 12-5 PM, 480 Mullica Hill Road (Route 322) in Mullica

Want a chance to taste some of the wines of Amalthea Cellars I have been so excited about? Up against other wineries of the region? Then come find me roaming about Heritage Wineries Property today during the Jersey Fresh Wine and Food Festival from Noon till 5 PM.

If you miss it today, then you have another chance Sunday from Noon till 5 PM. I will be unfortunately (or not) tasting twelve Zin’s with Adrienne, and we will be reporting back!

You can read my report on a great ribeye steakhouse in south Arizona over at Food ~ Wine ~ Fun! ‘Warning Steak Lovers’. The Pinot Noir I had with it was not so bad either, but the Zinfandel would probably have been a dead on tasting…


Chef Elizabeth Stelling Food & Wine Writer/Chef-Owner CookAppeal, LLC Princeton, New Jersey

More Wine(ing) To Come

Corky is on the job as we speak!

Partners In Wine Club Press will be bringing you new and updated information on the marriage of food, wine, technology, and social media…

Both Chef Elizabeth Stelling and Adrienne Turner are attending classes, meeting with wine producers, and getting ready for Wine Art Music Poetry Project, and will begin regular posting soon…

Seductive Wines for Summer: Pinot Noir

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Seductive and friendlyPinot Noir is of those seductive grapes. The bouquet can entice you and leave you wanting more.
It’s fickle like a woman, needing some tender loving care at times, yet when done well can produce some of the most gorgeous wines.

Pinot Noir tends to be very food friendly, complimenting in its style, not over powering. It even goes well with the simplest of food preparations and barbecue. And if you want a red wine in the summer heat, Pinot Noir is sure to please.

All said Pinot Noir has many characteristics I admire in people; seductive, friendly and not over powering.

So as the heat continues, invite some of your favorite friends to be seduced by some great Pinot Noir.
Below is a just a sampling of some great American Pinot Noirs worth sipping.
Some of these wines may be hard to find, but worth buying if found. Enjoy!

* Williams Selyem Sonoma Coast Hirsh Vineyard 2007
* Kutch Sonoma Coast McDougall Ranch 2007
* Cambria Santa Maria Valley Clone 4 2007
* Flowers Sonoma Coast 2007
* MacPhail Sonoma Coast 2007
* Drew Anderson Valley Savoy Vineyard
* Gary Farrell Russian River Valley Rochioli Vineyard 2007
* Landmark Sonoma Coast Detour 2007
* Dierberg Santa Maria 2006
* Merry Edwards Russian River Valley Angel Wing 2006
* Twomey Sonoma Coast 2007
* De Loach Central Coast 2008-Best Value
* Lazy River, Oregon 2007 (Chef E’s recommendation)
* Raptor Ridge Yamhill Carlton Shea Vineyard
* Chehalem Oregon Reserve 2007
* Evening Land Eola Amity Hills La Source Seven spring Vinyeards 2007
* Maysara McMinnville Willamette Valley Asha 2007
* Siduri Chehalem Mountains
* Dobbes Grand Assemblage Cuvee 2007
* King Estate Pfeiffer Vineyards 2007

Cheers! -Adrienne