About PIWC and contact

Partners In Wine Club, LLC (PIWC) is a social networking media and marketing site designed to bring you the utmost in food and wine information. This is a ‘free’ club for those who love all that is food and wine.
PIWC goal is to spread a love of the grape through informative content and helpful applications. We have created this site for anyone that enjoys reading and sharing wine and food information, and is dedicated to making wine approachable to everyone.
PIWC will be bringing you straight forward, easy to understand food and wine pairing information through our own research- tasting and comparing, retail comparison, pairing our own creations (recipes), and presenting guest writers in the field of food, wine, health experts, we hope to add an element of fun talk about all things food and wine that no other sites have ever done in the area.
PIWC will list local wine and food pairing events in the New Jersey, NYC and Philadelphia areas, as well as our own social networking meetings, food and wine events in the Princeton, New Jersey and surrounding locations.   CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION: Click Here to contact us

‘Corky’- Wine Sleuth- our resident logo is here to represent, taking the “Mystery out of the glass and plate”

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