Spotlight: VinAssure Wine Preservation System

Wine lovers should be delighted to know there is a wine preservation system available that promises to preserve precious left over wine. No more wasted wine. Preserve up to 700 bottles per cylinder. Sounds great!

The VinAssure system is designed for restaurants, wine bars and wine lovers. It combines industrial grade Argon gas, an inert gas that when pumped into your favorite bottle prevents the oxidation of wine. With the VinAssure Wine Preservation system, opened bottles of wine now have the ability to retain their alluring bouquets and mouth filling palates by preventing wine oxidation for days.

Restaurant owners, wineries, tasting rooms and wine lovers can now rest assure that every glass served has the same appeal as when the bottle was first opened. No more wasted premium wine. The VinAssure preservation system preserves wine for up to a week or more depending upon the wine and tasters palate.

VinAssure uses only winery grade ALIGAL Argon. The Argon displaces whatever air is in the bottle and that along with refrigeration forms the winning combination to preserve the wine. It’s reasonably priced; less than $0.04 per use and easy to use.  It’s one of the lowest costs per use wine preservation system on the market today.

No more wasted wine!

Next up: I put the Vin Assure Wine Preservation system to the test.

VinAssure Wine Preservation System


  1. Or you can just finish the bottle 😉

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