Hope Family Wines NYC wine tasting event #NYCevents

Wine fans here’s some news: Cork’d will be hosting another wine tasting social media event on September 23 at The Roger Smith Hotel highlighting the wines of The Hope Family. The Hope family is one of the founding fathers of the Paso Robles wine making scene, a relatively unknown wine making area to some yet known for producing great wines. Austin Hope, the winemaker will be present and pouring at the event.

The Treana White 2008 will be one of the many wines showcased at the event as well as the Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cork’d is an online playground for winelovers to review, share and discuss wine and part of the Gary Vaynerchuk network of wine sites.

The last Cork’d event was a great success and this event should be as well. Join social media and wine fans and register for the event here . Come celebrate your passion and tweet with fellow wine lovers on Sept 23.

See you there!

Cheers! -Adrienne

  1. Thanks, great post. I got to get me to NYC!!!

  2. thanks Doc. We need to meet and drink some good wine LOL

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