Mollydooker Blue-eyed Boy Shiraz 2009

The Blue- eyed Boy 2009 Shiraz

Mollydooker fans, the 2009 Blue-Eyed boy Shiraz has arrived and this Shiraz is another winner from the husband and wife team from Australia. The Blue-eyed Boy has enough WOW, just like its little brother, The Boxer, with plenty of spice and hints of vanilla. While The 2009 Boxer is big and brawny, Blue-eye-Boy is somewhat more refined and not as jammy. But make no mistake; this is another big Shiraz that coats your palate from beginning to end with smooth, velvet tannins.

The alcohol content on this Shiraz is 16. % so again this is a big wine, loaded with upfront fruit. The Blue eyed Boy is best shared with friends, since two people may find it hard to finish the bottle. As the Blue eyed Boy evolves in the glass it takes on subtle notes of chocolate and blackberry. It becomes a little seductress begging you to take “one more sip”. And believe me, you’ll take another sip!

As far as food pairings, I enjoyed the Blue-Eyed Boy with a roasted leg of lamb. Perfectly matched for this big yet expressive Shiraz with just enough acidity to balance it out.

Mollydooker Blue-eyed Boy was not produced in 2008 so be sure to check this vintage out. As Sarah & Sparky state” 2009 may be the best vintage yet”. Mollydooker has beenWOWing their fans with their award winning wines for years. Wine Advocate rated the 2007 Blue-Eyed Boy 95 points.


Cheers! -Adrienne

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