Cabernet Day in NYC

Taste some fine Cabs

Yesterday in celebration of Cabernet Day( organized by Rick Bakas  and sponsored by Cork’d)  I decided to go into NYC to taste some fine Cabs @ The Roger Smith Hotel. The line -up included some Bordeaux wines, of course St. Supery, Hahn Estate, Borghese, Porter Family, Stryker,& Jacuzzi (named after the large tub of H2O). The tasting list also showed Titus, but unfortunately the local event organizer could not locate the case of wine, so it was a ” No Show”.

Cabernet Day is a celebration of  social media and wine all rolled into one. And it’s not like I need an excuse to drink good Cab but it’s a great way to meet and tweet with your fellow Cab lovers about your wine impressions.

There were scheduled meetups throughout the country with quite a few of them taking place in the New York/New Jersey area (I’m from New Jersey). The hotel had roughly 40 tweeters all lined up with smart phones and laptops in hand. Me, I had pen & paper in hand and concentrated on bouquet and taste instead of pecking at a miniature keyboard. Call me old-fashioned or cheap.Whatever!

There were even a few Cabernet Francs showcased at the event. Its always easy to forget that grape varietal when most people think Cabernet Sauvignon; I did!

In the end it was The Rodney Strong Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2005 that I enjoyed the most. Actually, this wine was not listed but just happened that someone ” snuck it in”, so I helped myself to a little 2 ounce taste. Glad I did, because it was my own personal show stopper. It kind of took my mind off of the no-show Titus Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

A very interesting event though there were no real show stoppers for me ( except for the rogue Rodney). In the end, I think social media and wine drinking is a great marriage. Who would of thought of such a perfect pair? It’s a match made in heaven with no pencil or paper needed.

And they said “it wouldn’t last”!

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Cheers! -Adrienne

  1. I confess, it was I who snuck in the Rodney Strong Reserve to the @corkd Cabernet Day tasting at the Roger Smith Hotel. I wasn’t clear on whether BYO was OK, so I simply cracked it open, took my swig, and left the bottle to be shared. Glad you liked it!

    My take is that the Rodney Strong stood out because it was designed to stand out. QUite ripe, concentrated, flashy with oak and spice notes, but at the same time well-balanced — which made it call you back for a second sip that seemed even better. At 14.9% alcohol, it falls in the “Big Beaut” school of Cali Cab style; not always my cup of tea, but it seems well-made and very well-priced ($45) compared to many Napa/Sonoma Big Cab peers.

  2. I enjoyed The Rodney. As I said it was my personal fav at the tasting. I was looking forwad to the Titus, but alas'”No Show”
    I’m having trouble w/ some of the Napa Cabs lately. This weekend I sampled :
    Justin Isos. 05, Delectus 02, Pine Ridge Andrus 05, Nickel & Nickel 01. Nickel my friend brought to dinner and it was lovely, just short on the bouquet. My husband liked the Justin and I would of love the combo of Justin and Nickel.
    The Delectus was just a little bit to jammy for me.
    Small world..Wine
    Cheers! Adrienne

  3. Glad you enjoyed the event. Sadly we couldn’t locate the box that the Titus was in. We were really hoping to represent Titus alongside the other wineries, but alas it was not meant to be.

    • That’s fine. I liked the wines regardless and drink lots of Cabs which sometimes I buy at WL.
      Check out my other article when you get a chance-published on PalatePress re: social media and the small winery >> <<

      Cheers! Adrienne

  4. Adrienne, I am sorry to hear that the wines from Titus Vineyards did not make it into the tasting. I will have to follow up to find out what happened as this is the first I have heard of this. I sent the wines out personally and they should have arrived for the tasting.

    I hope you get the chance to taste the Titus wines soon. Feel free to contact me if I can do anything for you.

    Christophe Smith

    Director of Consumer
    Sales and Marketing
    Titus Vineyards

    • Chris

      Thanks for your comment. It’s just that I had Titus Cabernet Sauv. a couple of years ago and it left a lasting impression. Yes, it definitely was great. Can’t remember the vintage, but what ever it was, it was grand.
      I drink lots of Cali Cabs and write about them to promote. (Examiner and Palate Press)

      Can’t seem to find any here in NJ! I wish I could.
      If you want ( only if you want) you could send me a sample and I could write up an article. I get a fair amount of samples.


      • send me a note and address to my email. additionally, the gv folks do have the wine. apparently it was locked in an office. they will most likely break the wine out for the #holidaywines tasting; if they do one that is. Cheers – Christophe

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