Self Made and Local Fare Is The New Economy

Take a look at a woman who has decided to re-vamp her career choice. Work for herself. Many of us have done it, but face it- the older we get the harder it is to ‘change’ period. period. period. Seems like some of our great grandparents created their own businesses, ‘labor of love’ for their families, passed it on with hard work ethics; until no one wanted it. Then our lives were un-burdened by quick processed items and conveniences appearing on the shelves, every where, still today, and made outside the US.

Are we lazy? Crazy? Does anyone care, or should I just tell the story…

Randi Millstein found herself in a no win situation with her job- not liking what she did and the uncertainty of cut backs. For the first time in her life she toyed with the idea of biting the economy back by working for herself, but how? She noticed a recipe in a Food and Wine magazine for an unusual flavored biscotti and thought to herself, this sounds good, and I bet others would like it too.

After tasting her twist on the biscotti, friends and family told her she should sell them. On a shoe string budget she sought out a kitchen, got a certificate to start her business, began experimenting with flavors, sizes, packaging, and Randi’s Gourmet Foods was born. The packages are adorned with a small photo of Randi and her trade mark ‘colorful’ head band, her name, and ingredients. Did I mention they are low fat?

Working for yourselves at times- presents challenges, but at the same time you hit the time clock when you want, and answer only to yourself. Often its the best kept secret of success one could ask for. I know this myself. You work harder and are rewarded with the best feeling of success one could experience. Am I crazy? No one keeps a report of who I email during the day. Yeah; its the life!

Besides, Self Made and Local Fare is the new economy- we are our great grand parents who appreciated hard work and products we know are good.

Want to read more? ‘Art You Can Eat’

BTW, sorry for our long hiatus, My Partner and I have been busy with work related things…


Chef Elizabeth Stelling Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!

  1. Thanks,
    Inspiration is what we all need in these darkened times! Great job on WAMP!

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