Mollydooker The Boxer 2009; big & fruity

OK, Mollydooker fans here it is: The Boxer 2009 release is upon us. The long awaited vintage is here and let me tell you Shiraz fans, this is one big wine. And as Sarah and Sparky say “2009 was a blessing“.
The husband and wife team from McLaren Vale Australia proclaim to be the best vintage ever.

The Boxer Shiraz 2009 is not for the faint of heart: big fruit, with loads of spice, jam, berries and a slight pepper edge. Smooth tannins that just coat your tongue from beginning to end.
Sarah and Sparky talk about the WOW factor in their wines. “We make wines that make people go WOW”. And it’s the Marquis Fruit Weight (MFW) that Mollydooker has trademarked that makes people go WOW. MFW is the percentage of your palate that is covered by the velvety sensation of fruit, before you experience any of the structural components of the wine.

Mollydooker wines must have at least 65% MFW to be considered for bottling. Those less fortunate little grapes that don’t make the cut, get sold in bulk!

The Boxer 2009 definitely has plenty of WOW from beginning to end. On the nose this wine has spice and pepper. The Boxer is big enough to stand up to a barbeque with some powerful sauce, yet eloquent enough for a great rack of lamb or lamb chop. Personally, I had my Boxer with a rack of lamb Moroccan style and went WOW. The Moroccan spices were a lovely compliment to the wine.


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