Gin- The Name of a New Game

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Poetry to my ears, or is it my taste buds? Alcohol with a twist is great discovery along the culinary/foodie road. New drinks are popping up all over the place like BB King making his guitar sing the blues. Endless chord combination’s in the world of Mixology- Maestro’s of libation, and so many other clichés move through my head as my taste buds gently tap, wanting more…

I had to opportunity to try so many unique things along my culinary travels; its been three years, maybe even four since my tongue felt the silky texture of a Gin like this- Saffron infused. An intriguing idea at its best, and did not disappoint. Subtle flavors, and in most cases its coloring hits more home runs in food dishes than its flavor.

I admit the world of alcohol for which I am passionate has been lacking in the past six months of my new healthy workout- lose weight routine, but baby when I found your photo in my files… desire errupt….

Smooth Talking Daddy'O

Adrienne and I have been talking Gin as of late, and she has yet to turn me on to some new drinks her son is turning her onto- Hey Partner- Put up, or I am storming your bar very soon…

This lovely bottle was a discovery in Vancouver BC, and if you see it on the market, try it all on it’s on before you mix it with any other ingredients as I said ‘Subtle Saffron’ flavor, but it’s there for sensitive palates. Zoot Suit Rockets went off on my first sip (Okay, so I am over using some verbiage today, lol). If I had not had so many other stops along the way, would have slipped a bottle into my suit case and savored some with friends. Now I guess we will have to only hope a distributor will bring it our way, or maybe I need to hit the road again…hook me up friends!


Chef Elizabeth Stelling Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!

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