Elements of Brown Butter Bourbon

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Brown Butter Bourbon

In a past article I speak about how one begins the journey into the world of scotch, whiskey, and bourbon. You must extend your taste buds from their libation comfort zone. Often Master Scotch Tasters, and even Sommeliers are forced to begin exploring taste. Sure they do it because they enjoy wine and want to take it a step further. Tasting the grapes themselves, wide arrays of wine- exploring how once their flavor is transferred into the final juice product, and how it remains a dominate flavor of the bottle, and even in blends your develop a skill to pick up on each varietal.

Beer enthusiast experience the same thing. They begin to know the elements of what is in the brew from hop to bottom!

Once skilled in the art of taste, as in the cooking field, you begin to recognize elemental flavors, you understand how building on flavor profiles will turn something simple into the perfect bite. As how I feel about drinks that are out of the ordinary. I love scotch, whiskey, whisky, and bourbons. What about it do I love? The barrel. The wood flavor that is transferred during the aging process. The same reason I love ‘Oaked’ Chardonnay.

I realize drinking a libation such as a ‘Brown Butter Bourbon’ is an acquired taste, but so is drinking Pepsi or Coke. You either like it or you don’t. We all have our favorite, but if you give yourself a chance and do the tasting in such a manner that introduces you to it slowly- I bet you will find it pleasing. For the taste alone of course. Too much of a good think can hurt you, if you drink to much. Yeah, drink responsibly.

My whole point- Elements Restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey…well, they have this Brown Butter Infused Bourbon, and I am finding myself thinking about the bottle at the bar. Hard to describe, but if you enjoy Werthers Candies (or butterscotch), then just imagine it spiked. Yes, SWEET! A great way to introduce yourself to scotch, whiskey, whisky, or bourbon.

I think my ‘Partner In Wine’ and this Chef are going to have to stop by and have one for the road. If you decide to stop by, make sure you tell them we sent’cha!


Chef Elizabeth Stelling Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!


PS- Have some food, because it is pretty good too!

RECIPE: Food & Wine for Fat Infusing Alcohol- “an ingenious way to flavor spirits that he borrowed from one of Mason’s desserts. By mixing a melted fat with alcohol, chilling the mix­ture until the fat re-solidifies, then skimming it off, Freeman can infuse a spirit without leaving any greasiness behind.

  1. Nice post adnow I am considering a glass of 25 yr single malt!

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