Help The Economy On Market Monday

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Wine & Food were a hit!

The faltering economy seems to be affecting everyone these days- All around me are closing restaurants, but if you want to have a party for someone you can easily work out a deal. I know first hand at how much work it takes to put a gathering together as a chef and caterer!

Talk to your local eateries and see which ones are willing to give you a good group rate, or per person price on food, and negotiate the menu and prices. You will be glad you did. I was. Hubby turned 50 this past week, so I hosted his party at a local eatery and negotiated my own price for a great menu of antipasti, hor dourves, and entree’s. I also negotiated bringing in some of my own foods, as well as dessert and beverages to save money.

The party went great, hubby was happy, and if you need a DJ, well The Howicane Music Company did a fantastic job (email me and I will pass on his number)!

The Other PIWC Agrees!

You can also taste wines in the restaurant before hand. This is a great way to make your choice for the bar with a red and a white choice, but it also gives you a chance to take the names to your local retailer and order more for your own wine cellar if they go off well with the crowd. Then serve them at your next back yard barbecue!


Chef Elizabeth Stelling Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!

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