Try on some sparkling wine for the summer. More wines of summer

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Drink it up!

It’s hot out there and sometimes a cold beer or super chilled white just won’t do. And forget about a red. A bold red just won’t do in the summertime.

What about sparkling wine? It’s light, refreshing and appealing to the senses. Just the sound of a popping cork can turn a boring  evening into a an unexpected evening of merriment.

Believe me when I speak of sparkling wines, I’m talking American sparkling wines. Remember Champagne is a term only reserved for the French ( produced exclusively in the Champagne region of France). And when I’m speaking about American sparkling wines I’m speaking California bubbly. California  boasts great microclimates that are suitable for sparkling wine production. Many of California’s bubbles are award winning and less expensive than their French counterparts.

So when you’re itching for something new and just plain old tired of the same old cold brew, reach for some bubbly to  enhance your senses and expand your wine vocabulary. It’s great with small appetizers at a party.
Read on below to discover just a sampling of some of California’s great sparkling wine houses:
  • Domaine Caneros – from the house of Tattinger
  • Gloria Ferrer– owned by the Ferrer family, owners of Spain’s Freixenet
  • Iron Horse-small family owned winery renowned for their sparklers. Their sparkling wines were served at the famous Reagan-Gorbachev meeting.
  • Mumm Napa – a great tasting experience
  • Roederer-A classic rich sparkler
  • Schramsberg– America’s first sparkling wine house
Food pairings with great bubbly:  Spicy Thai, caviar, oysters, parmesan or feta cheese and ceviche

Try this  sparkling wine cocktail on  for size for a summer evening treat:
Black velvet
1 part chilled stout beer
1 part Brut sparkling wine

Pour the stout into a pint glass or flute. Carefully add the sparkler on top. The effect is layered and eye catching!

-Cheers! -Adrienne


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