Taste New Jersey Budget Entertainment & Wine

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Face it, in this economy, or any time for that fact- give me a glass of good wine, a good meal, and some good entertainment for a day to take my mind off of the crap going on around us in this world.

I just spent two hours in my local and trust worthy garage listening to people freak out over the prices of repairs on small economy to large expensive vehicles. Nothing like having an expensive 50th party for your hubby, and then a big vacation planned down the road with your son and hubby, working your rear off to raise money for the charity you are spending 24/7 putting together for no salary, only passion in what you believe, and the find out your car needs a whole new air conditioning system. I guess the natural AC of windows down, a short haircut, and the neighboring swimming pool will have to do for now.

Thank goodness for wine, food, and all my artist, musician, and poet friends; it literally saves me. Not that I condone abusing it for self medication, but if you need to relax, get out of your living room and try it.

Have I got some great news for you! You do not have to look hard for the gift I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by in New Jersey the past five years. There are wine trails, open mics at coffee houses and bars, wineries that host entertainment, and then there are festivals. Wineries with food and wine tastings, and then there is WAMPP- Wine Art Music Poetry Project where it all comes together.

July 31st, Amalthea Cellars will host the beginning of all the elements coming together in one setting. Eleven to five o’clock Saturday you can come, and for a donation, or not, enjoy yourself. Forget the whoa of life with the rest of us!

August 21st, Straube Center, Pennington will host an even larger venue of this stature on the grounds of a historical Contreau Distillery. The architecture of what remains of the old distillery is fascinating in itself. Many people do not even know it exist. Galleries are open on the property, and along with Wine Art Music Poetry Project it will be also a place to surround yourself with great extravaganza of mixed media from ten to eight o’clock.

I enjoyed the winemakers great ‘from scratch’ food spread with a barrel tasting this past weekend at Amalthea Cellars in Atco. Part of ‘The Outer Coastal Plains’ wine region of New Jersey. Where they are producing some fantastic wines that are out ranking California and France in accolades. WAMPP has chosen this winery as its official fundraiser wine. Why? Go take a drive down to the area and taste it. You do not have to take my word for it; it speaks for itself. Amalthea also does NOT charge you for their tastings- Fee of $10 for special Barrel Tasting (last week), but that’s it!

Do you like wine? Art? Music? Poetry? Then you have not had good wine, art, music, and poetry-

WAMPP It! Then we will talk…(FREE, but entrance donations benefit CHD- congenital heart disease, something near and dear to me)


Chef Elizabeth Stelling Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!

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