Microbrew Market Monday

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Brew Tasting

How many times have you gone out with friends, family or even on your own and you found seasonal micro-brewery beers you liked, but there are just too many to try in the short window of time. Unless you travel and get paid for that sort of thing *hint hint world*!

I never really cared for regular brew, that is, until I had a Samuel Adams Seasonal Summer Ale, and Blue Moon (Coors) with an orange slice. A whole new world opened up for this wine and scotch connoisseur!

Then suddenly you are in love with a foamy mustache brew when you always ranted to friend how you hate beer. Only now there is a beer you merely have to have in your own fridge at all times. I am sure some of you out there have felt “Why not make my own beer”? Could I reproduce that wonderful flavor. An excuse to ward of scurvy by having oranges on hand eh?

Just create a home brewery inside your basement.

Making your own beer guarantees you’ll always have your favorite beer on hand, and you will not waste precious gas driving back and forth to the brewery. Well before you rush out to buy a home brewing system, empty beer bottles, and other ingredients, you will find some home brewing basics you should know before you start making your own beer.

How many projects do we start and when it comes down to it, equipment begins to pile up. Think seriously how devoted you will be to this project. Find some friends who would want to share the responsibility and expense.

Talk about the results you would want, and ask if someone has tried this before!

Many times co-workers or friends my have already began a home brew project. There are many home brew clubs existing you may not even know about. Do your homework first. Put together a budget and equipment cost list before approaching your friends or family.

Are there easy recipes out there?

You will be amazed at how many recipes you can find for beers. You might find them in magazines, in recipe books, and over the internet; some micro-breweries will handout a few of their recipes. Check on line, I have found sites where people journal their experiences in beer, wine, and alcohol making. Do not give up if the first batch is not what you expected. Most great cooks always have a few flops before their recipes become successful.

I am not always about the wine or best martini, I enjoy a good home brew or micro-brew when I am eating a good meal. So many times I have attempted making my own concoctions like Lemoncello, and found I could probably kill many infections or fungi with the overpowering alcohol content in my not so tasty recipe ideas.

Follow a recipe until you have the right feel for a successful batch. Do not give up so easily. Consult an expert, and you may find your new hobby is quite popular with friends and family!

Southern Home-brew and Wine making kits

The Beers of Summer by Elizabeth Willse, Women’s Voices For Change


Chef Elizabeth Stelling – Food and Wine Writer Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!

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