Lazy River, Pinot Noir

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Nothing Like A Pinot Noir!

I only wish there was a lazy river made of Pinot Noir.

One of my favorite places to go when I get a chance around my birthday, not this year though, is The Monte Carlo in Las Vegas. You stay up till 1 or 2 Am, and then hit the Lazy River right in their back yard after a light breakfast, and maybe order up a nice glass of Pinot Noir as you relax in the sun- with sunblock of course! However I do not remember them having Oregon Pinot’s, one of my favorites as my palate has matured into the barnyard senses. I know animals and rivers just go together!

Three years ago while visiting Oregon and Washington State I had the chance to hit as many wineries along the trail as I could. Then we happened upon a collaboration of small vineyards. A tasting room full of possibilities. Hearing from some other serious vinophiles this area was a waste of time, my taste buds drifted off to other Pinot Noirs over the past few years.

Lazy River sat in the cellar forgotten- until my birthday this week! Cork popped, and out spilled the most beautiful colors of cherry, plum, and raspberries…rushing visions of wild mushrooms, cheesy sauced pastas, smoked meats, and hints of an earthiness- reminding me why I had to bring this bottle back home to New Jersey.

Ahhh, but why was I really in love with this wine so much I would and spent a meager $33 a bottle? Well it was the subtle tones of chocolate on the finish made it the right choice to pair with my flourless chocolate birthday cake…

Want a good reason to travel to Oregon- Try our Market Monday reason, and to travel on your own Lazy River, Pinot Noir, 06- Lazy River Vineyard, Yamhill Carlton District, Oregon


Chef Elizabeth Stelling Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!

  1. Sounds lovely! I love a good pinot, but $33 a bottle seems a bit steep. Although, based on your recs, if I find it I’ll have to give it a try!

  2. Actually Doc I was being a bit cynical about the price, lol, Adrienne and I would gladly spend that on a great Pinot Noir, but I realize it is over the edge of pricey- but good! I wished I had bought two more bottles!

    Chef E

    • Kirsten Lumpkin
    • June 15th, 2010

    Dear Chef E,

    This year marks the 10th anniversay of our planting Lazy River’s first block of Pinot Noir. It was a year and a half ago that unsolicited mails lauding back vintages began to arrive. As producers it is very gratifying to learn that our Pinot Noir brings out the best in food and celebrations. Our wine is available online at And, when in Oregon it may be tasted at The Carlton Winemakers Studio, Carlton, OR.

    Thanks for your observations. My day is made. Bye the way, should you be in Oregon on September 12th, Lazy River will be open to the public for the first time ever for tasting and vineyard tours in celebration of out Dicennial.


    Kirsten Lumpkin

  3. Kristen,

    I always tell everyone about visiting the Carlton Winemakers Studio, but when I do come back it will be for the Truffle festival over there! Then I will swing by to taste some more of your great wines!

    Chef E

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