Thirsty Thursday-A light red for the summer-Dolcetto D’Alba Priavino

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Think lighter reds for the summer

Light red wine for the summer? When the heat of the sun makes you think twice about a good old Cabernet Sauvignon, it may be time to look towards something a little bit lighter and refreshing. Think about an Italian red; Dolcetto. The Dolcetto grape may be considered one of the workhorse grapes of the Piedmont area. Dolcetto wines are lighter in body with some nice tannins and literally mean “little sweet one”. Some may even chill this wine. The Italians think of Dolcetto as an everyday wine that goes well with grilled pizza and light pasta dishes

The Dolcetto D’Alba Priavino 2005 is produced by Roberto Voerzio and has a wonderful deep ruby color in the glass. In the glass,the bouquet had chocolate, cherries and other black fruits. The tannins were soft with nice refreshing complexity and a medium finish. -90 points IWC.

The day I had this Dolcetto the temperature in my backyard was a modest 95 degrees. The sun was blazing but yet my other half and I had to eat dinner and opted for a grilled pizza which I bought from a local Italian chain restaurant.

The Dolcetto was opened approximately 1hr before we feasted on our pizza. Great, delightful bouquet with a nice finish. Went perfectly with our grilled pizza of roasted tomatoes and goat cheese.

Would I buy this wine again? You bet your dollar, though at $20 some may not think this as an everyday wine. Whatever floats your boat! Cheers and Tweets, Adrienne

Thumbs Up!

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