Thirsty Thursday-Drink your way to a healthier you

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Drink wine. It's good for you

Even more good news to drink and get healthy. Now I love wine and rarely need an excuse to open a bottle, but when I get evidence that  drinking is good for me I get giddy!

As cited by Fox News (fair & balanced) a recent French study (argue with the French?) found that wine drinkers consuming up to a half a bottle a day are healthier than those abstaining. Now this is reason to celebrate.

The French found that low to moderate intake of alcohol drinkers enjoyed a higher social status (I drive a nice car), exercise more (sometimes) and suffer from less stress( what, me worry) when compared to those that abstained or drank to excess. Moderate wine drinkers suffered less depression and had lower cardiovascular disease. Most importantly the study showed moderate drinking was a powerful general indicator of optimal social status which could be a reason for improved health. ( via Mailonline)

…and there’s even more good news. Another European study cited in Wine Spectator suggests that women who drink 2 glasses of wine a day have better sex lives.

Who are we to argue with the French, they invented wine and the French Paradox (LOL). You decide. This just makes me smile and run down to my wine cellar (view more recession trends).

Cheers and Tweets!

Adrienne, PIWC

  1. You are spot on the study. I will post details Monday, till then have a drink and CHEERS!

  2. Incredibly interesting article. Truely..

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