Thirsty Thursday-Wines for BBQ

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The National Barbecue Association designates each May of the calendar annually to celebrate and promote all things BBQ with MAY as NATIONAL BARBECUE MONTH.

Now that its getting warmer it’s time to fire up the Weber. There’s plenty of BBQ recipes, but what about the wine?
For white wines look for fruity whites with bight steely flavors to cut through the rich and sometimes fatty flavors of BBQ. Forget about the rich California Chardonnays. They’re usually too oakey and buttery. You are better off with a French Chablis style wine that is crisp and bright with the ability to cut through some of the rich BBQ falvors . There’s also some other white varietals that match up with BBQ:
Sauvignon Blanc
Chenin Blanc
Pinot Grigio
Pinot Gris

Red wines: The choice is red for BBQ. Reds should be big, well balanced, smooth and not over the top in alcohol, like a big California Cabernet. Luscious, ripe berry flavors and complex spice make an interesting marriage to BBQ. My favorite for BBQ is Shiraz/ Syrah
Syrah/ Shiraz – Same grape with a different name down under. A nice shiraz with silky, smoky tannins, red berry and ripe fruit flavors will work well with BBQ.
Zinfandel – The young spicy ones with lots of black pepper and raspberry work especially well with BBQ.
Cote Du Rhone is another good choice in the medium price range. Its smooth, well behaved tannins and smoky finish are just right with pulled pork and pork ribs.
Rioja is a great choice for BBQ. This Spanish red wine is spicy and fruity. Its bold, fresh flavors can really stand up to the assertive flavors of BBQ. Beef brisket, beef ribs and all grilled beef will work extremely well with this wine. Riojas are intended to be drunk at a coolish temperature.
Other reds:Petite Syrah.Barbara and Chianti

Try The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, NJ for their Yappy Hour on Thursdays. It’s similar to Happy Hour but you get to bring your canine friends to romp in the back area.

Cheers and Tweets!
Adrienne, PIWC


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