Sexy Wines & Food as a Centerpiece

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Black Truffle 'Deviled' Eggs

Pairing a wine with any ingredient is greatly dependent on personal taste, and the particular type of dish prepared. If truffles are the centerpiece, go for a hearty, rustic red, and you can’t go wrong with vintages from truffle-producing regions.

Earthy, full bodies red wines are an excellent match to truffles and truffle dishes. Try some from the region of Rhône, France. Italy’s Piedmontese wines are another excellent choice, as they are subtly automatized with truffles.

Black truffles and old Burgundy or white truffles and old Barolo- Truffles have a wild, musky, earthy depth that goes very well with the aromas and flavors—gaminess, spice notes, earth, dried fruits and, well, truffles—that these wines acquire over time. They engulfed me; It was intoxicating earthy and sublime. Sexy wines and foods should be respected!

There are some 70 species of truffle, but only two are highly prized for their culinary value: the black truffle, Tuber melanosporum, found in various parts of France, especially in the Périgord and Provence, and the white truffle, Tuber magnatum, found principally in Italy’s Piedmont region.

Any simple meal can become elegant with a little thought, like deviled eggs with a dash of horseradish cream, EVO, by adding quality ingredients like La Boutique de la Truffe-Gourmet Attitude truffle products, or Black Truffle Carpaccio. I have been given samples to try at no cost in the past, but to be honest with you, I purchase them on a regular basis for clients and my own kitchen. Why? Because I love them, and they are by far the best quality in flavor, shelf life, and appearance when plating!

Did you know that truffles grow in New Zealand and also right here in the United States? Oregon as a matter of fact. Some may say that they are not quite like its European cousin, but I plan to find out, and report back…

CookAppeal has tried many other products out there on the market, and many of the truffle oils are, well, just not up to our standards.

Many oils sold on the market today are simply infused concoctions that have no real truffle essence present- truffle oil is actually a chemical concoction made by mixing olive oil with various chemical compounds, such as 2,4-dithiapentane, that has been created in a laboratory which simulates the aroma and taste of white truffles. So why not buy products such as ‘Truffle Carpaccio’ that sits in oil and can be infused in your own dishes, such as these truffle eggs.

Truffle oil may have been created when truffles are soaked in olive oil before commercial truffle oils were introduced in the 1980’s. Chefs in Italy and France traditionally made their own by steeping bits of fresh truffles in high quality EVO. If you are going to purchase truffle products and shell out the money, then buy truffles themselves and infuse the real thing into your dish!

Remember when pairing a wine with food, the first rule of thumb is to pair ingredients grown in the soil with the wines of similar soil for best flavor profiling- Our suggestion for ‘Black Truffle Deviled Eggs’:

Country: FRANCE
Appellation: VOLNAY
Grape Varietal: PINOT NOIR

Price Range: $35 – 50 per bottle, but suggest a New World- Burgundian Pinot Noir as alternative

Tasting Notes- Medium to heavy body, carried the truffle and eggy’ness well with its chewy body, fruit forward nose, earth and a slight funk; tart cherry and gamey flavors, some of my favorite Pinot Noir characteristics.

If the Oregon truffles are as good as their Pinot Noir wines, PIWC will be visiting more often!

Chef Elizabeth Stelling, CookAppeal, LLC- Shares her love for experimenting with flavors @ Food ~ Wine ~ Fun!

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  1. I hosted a Charity Fresh Truffle and Wine evening this January. The outstanding pairing of the night was Cono Sur Viognier paired with a Black Truffle Potato and Green Bean Salad. Check out the recipe at

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