Friday- Food & Wine Spotlight, John & Lisa

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I have known John and Lisa for the past year and a half, they are funny and friendly people who are serious food enthusiast as myself. I find it a pleasure to read their site for informative happenings around South Jersey. Follow them and see what fun things are in the works, and you might even get to spend some time with a great family if you  are luck enough to spot them at an event! ~ Chef E Stelling

John and Lisa Eating in South Jersey

It might make you laugh.
It might make you think.
It might make you hungry.
And, if you have a laptop and are reading this suspended upside down, it might make the blood rush to your head.

Why do I blog? by John

I like to share

Let’s face it: the little eatery that only you know about will soon be the little eatery with a CLOSED sign hanging on its door – permanently. It does not do anyone a bit of good to discover a great place to eat and not mention it to everyone you know. And not in a ‘look-how-smart-and-cultured-I-am’ way, but in a ‘I-hope-you-will-enjoy-this-as-much-as-I-did’ way. I always get a nice warm feeling when someone eats at a place I liked and comes back to me saying ‘Thanks so much for the recommendation. I loved it!’

Now I don’t get paid by anyone to write this blog, and the amount of money we’ve earned in ads from Google and Foodbuzz might pay for Lisa and myself to go out to eat – once. And we’d have to skip dessert. And maybe share an appetizer. So restaurants are not buying my praise through financial means or via free meals. I want to give restaurants another voice to get their message out because I want them to succeed. I want these places to stick around so that I and others can enjoy them again and again. After all, many restaurants are just getting by now and may not have the money to promote their business as much as they would like. This is where food bloggers can fit in nicely.

Pssst – restaurant owners and chefs, work with us. You don’t have to give us free meals, just some time and cooperation.

I like being an advocate of the South Jersey region ~ John & Lisa

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-Cooking Classes & Demos

Check out their restaurant and chef reviews too!

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