Does The Glass Make The Wine? Glass Reviews

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We KNEW when we opened the Ravenscroft stemware boxes they were keepers. Light weight, slim and trim crystal that did not tip over easily when filled or otherwise. The Tinsele strength and yield seemed to be in good order.

Stemware Comparison:

* Ravenscroft Chardonnay- Great bouquet, room to swirl, light crystal, beautiful stemware- Wine: Newton Chardonnay
* Ravenscroft Bordeaux- Good bouquet, room to swirl, light crystal, beautiful stemware- Wine: Pinot Noir

The entire testing crew felt up against the Reidel, they were great- although the-

  • Riedel Vinum Extreme out weighed the Ravenscroft Bordeaux on all accounts, but apples to apples it was not contest.
  • Oregon Pinot Noir stemware were purchased in Oregon, purpose- New World Pinot Noir, no comparison!
  • For a beginner set of wine glasses, or if you do not want to spend the money for more expensive stemware available on the market, we give them a thumbs up!
  • Even compared to the restaurant quality stemware we own for catering and Stemless Riedel glasses we own, and the glasses offered (stemless) at the restaurant- thumbs up! The stemless glasses made the Chardonnay taste like water- no bouquet, mouth feel, or finish was comparable- like water?

You may purchase these glasses soon through our Partners In Wine Club on-line market, but if you would like to purchase a set now for a gift, email:, and I will set you up!

Visit Chef E @ Food ~ Wine ~ Fun! for more information on wines

  • The light weight feel of the Ravenscroft were more appealing to the heaviness/bulkiness of the other glasses
  • Some of those claims seem overstated, even to practiced palates. “It can be overdone,” says Robert Parker, who relies on one glass – the $23 Zinfandel glass in the Vinum line made by Riedel – to taste most reds, whites and even champagnes. Moreover, Parker said some of the fancy glasses, such as balloon-shaped vessels that can hold 37 ounces, are too big.

    “The proper air-to-wine ratio is 3-to-1,” said Parker. Some of those balloon glasses are so big, you have to pour most of a full bottle in the glass to get that ratio, he said.

    We want to hear what glass you find gives you the best tasting wine, because it basically comes down the what tools you use. We feel the biggest price tag does not make it a great experience, but the cheapest glasses may not give you room to swirl, sniff, and optimum tasting room if the bowls are too small- A good mid-range glass like Ravenscroft is worth a try.

    Our final vote on ‘Does The Glass Make The Wine’- Depending on what you are looking for in stemware for yourself or guests, take the test at home. There are differences in the way the wine bouquet leaves the glass as our noses enter the opening, the way the wine lands on our palates, and hits the back of the mouth in the drinking process. This can be an individual taste, but overall many agree if one plans to enjoy wine, then spend a few extra bucks and guzzle in style…yes I said guzzle in style!

    Disclaimer: The glasses were provided as a gift to try through CSN Stores

    1. Got to tell, I wasn’t a believer in the glasses until I actually used some Reidels’ The downside is you’re totally spoiled. If you get a nice bottle out and get a clunky glass it really disappoints me. OMG, have I become the very Wine Snob I disdain!!

    2. Using only good glasses makes all alcohol taste better!

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