Frugal Friday -Food and wine deals abroad

My online recommendations for this week:

Acclaimed sommelier and wine critic: Natalie McLean

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My frugal wine deal of the week: Vina Robles 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon. For those that are unacquainted with Paso Robles, it is the largest and most diverse wine region in California with many micro climates and is considered the fastest growing AVA in California. The wineries of Paso Robles produce some great Cabernet Sauvignon and some have even achieved cult status with wait lists to receive some of their shipments.  The wineries are typically small and family owned with limited distribution, unlike Napa and Sonoma wineries.

Paso Robles wineries are also known for its premium Syrah, hence giving this area of California the name of the “Rhone Zone”. Winemakers swear the climate of Paso Robles mimics the southern Rhone area of France where the producers of Syrah blends are fondly known as the “Rhone-Rangers”.

I had this little Cab from Paso Robles and while not an exceptional wine-didn’t knock me over, it is well worth the $15 bottle price to share with friends and family. A little tight upon opening, a bit more nose after 1 hour in the glass. Nice hints of chocolate and cherry. Not a pop and pour wine, but needs a good hour or more to open up. Enjoy with a nice grilled meal, but nothing too elaborate. This is one of those “go to wines” if you just don’t know what to bring to dinner and not sure about the crowd.

Would I buy this bottle again? yep, at $15 but at approaching $20, I would think twice.

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Cheers and tweets!  Adrienne, PIWC

  1. Thanks,
    I have had some good Syrahs from Paso but had not tried any Cabs. I am always looking for the $15-$20 quaffs. If I find this at the right price I will give it a try!

  2. Well Paso isn’t known for it’s Cab, most producers don’t even grow it. Paso is the home of the Rhone Rangers which kept Syrah alive in California in the 80’s and early 90’s. Some outstanding wine being produced now, especially in the $25-$50 range in terms of Grenache and Grenache based blends along with Syrah.

    Check out Alta Colina, Barrel 27 and Denner for a start.

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