Tasting Tuesday- Guest Blog

Gamay Noir is the grape Beaujolais is sourced from. In its most common Nouveau form, we can expect something young, expressive, un-oaked, and sometimes tiring. The inexpensive Nouveau wines, released on the third Thursday of November, are exotic and pair nicely with a rare burger or some meat balls—I enjoy this combination once or twice every year, and then move on. The Gamay Noir from Brick House is nothing like what I have just described.

Actually, I am giddy about this wine.

I have not had a chance to sample the longer-living, more elegant Cru Beaujolais—the third and highest Beaujolais classification. I imagine, based on age-ability alone, the Brick House Gamay would easily run with the high-end of the Beaujolais classification.

Mixed raspberry red and plum colors. Translucent rather than transparent—slightly cloudy, perhaps honed rather than polished. Lovely and natural-looking nonetheless.

Very expressive red fruit with strawberry leading the way. Incredible clarity of minerals and florals on the nose. A wet gravel path leading into a rose garden—no doubt a nice image for a wine to create in your head, and in this case, one that really managed to hold up and not just poke the brain once.

The flavor profile includes a sturdy black pepper component and a nice strawberry/cherry/third-party berry balance. A wisp of burnt match—earth/smoke-in-one, very pleasing on the finish”.

Perfect texture, vibrant flavors, and delicate aromatics. I am already imagining a rack at my favorite wine store—10 to 15 bottles of world-class Oregonian Gamay Noir priced in the $20 range. Any takers?



Rob &Carey @ Cork and Caftans are contributing writers- fashion, wine, home life, and their fun travels!

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