Market Monday-

A good question came up on twitter a few nights ago- “If you are trying to open a bottle of wine and you find yourself frustrated with a cork that will not budge…what the heck do I do”?

“Buy yourself an Ah-So”, I replied…

This is how we discovered this interesting designed gadget intended to be the ‘Wow’ of corkscrews. Basically it is challenging and takes practice to use on a regular basis, but so worth it for budging out that snarky cork that comes along now and again. The Ah-so is so worth having, even it it takes up space in the kitchen drawer, but it is so worth it when the need arises!

The Ah-So two prong cork puller is a must for the collector of older wines. The wineries preferred cork puller. Gently rocks the cork free without damaging it.

The term Ah So, is a translation from the German saying “Ach So” loosely meaning “Ah, I see”. Aptly named, because from looking at this object you would not think that it would be capable of pulling a cork out of a bottle, and after you figure out how to use it you exclaim “Ah, so that’s what it is for!”

Another name for the Ah So is the “Butlers Friend”, because butlers who were dishonest could remove the cork without puncturing or damaging it. They would do this in order to take a swig of wine, place the cork back in the bottle and their boss be none the wiser.

So other than being able to sneak wine if you are a butler, does the Ah So provide any benefits over other cork removal devices?

What the Ah So specializes in is the removal of corks that are brittle and old that may break apart when the auger of a traditional corkscrew penetrates it. The Ah So works by the two prongs sliding down in between the cork and the bottle, and then by pulling straight up and twisting at the same time, the cork slides right out. Another useful trick this wine opener can help out with is if a cork does break in half, the Ah So can help get that last little piece out versus pushing it down into the wine.

    • cookbookapprentice
    • March 9th, 2010

    This is such a great, informative piece! I’ve had quite a few corks crumble in my time and didn’t know how to resolve it. We just threw the bottle out in frustration. I’ll look for an Ah So now :)!

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