About Sundays Updates:

Weekly Calendar– PIWC will be posting weekly must haves, tasting notes, events, and happenings at the beginning of each week. Here you will find the hot new wine, food, beer, and spirit news PIWC can bring to our readers. ‘Corky’ is out on the streets doing his best investigative reporting on all subjects!

Market Monday

The Ah-So two prong cork puller is a must for the collector of older wines. The wineries preferred cork puller. Gently rocks the cork free without damaging it. Read More tomorrow…

Tasting Tuesday-

Each week PIWC will feature Guest Writers, and Restaurant Reviews- either industry professionals or fantastic blogs we feel you need to discover!

This week Cork & Craftans will be bringing us news from the vineyards of Oregon as they travel the country side sharing their first hand tasting notes…

Wine Down Wednesday-

Chef E will be sharing weekly food and wine pairings…

Thirsty Thursday-

Wine Enthusiast and writer Adrienne Turner will share bottle notes on a Carneros 07 Pinot Noir…

Frugal Friday-

‘Corky’ will bring you a list of must have bargain wines…

Simply Saturday-

PIWC will present local food, wine, art, and other must attend related events for the upcoming week…

If readers have any questions or information they are seeking about related subject matter, please let us know. We will try to find out, and answer your questions from our own experience, or seek out other professionals we can refer you to!

    • cookbookapprentice
    • March 9th, 2010

    This is really wonderful! I love the way you’ve structured the blog so people know what to expect. Fantastic job! I am especially curious about Frugal Fridays.

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